JunYuan is a large group, dedicated to production of high-quality art supplies.
Our large volume capacity enables us to ship approximately fifteen 40” containers per month, with an average of 180 containers shipped each year.

With a strong self-production ability and advanced production facilities; we are able to produce items such as watercolor cakes, oil pastels, paints, crayons as well as many other art materials.

Our advanced packaging machines, including automatic production lines ad high-frequency machines ensure a highly efficient assembly of clean and neat product.

JunYuan has strict testing and quality control protocols in place. Our in-house lab is equipped with a variety of testing machines, including X-Ray/Flourescent machines, Circle Writing machines, Colorimeter scanners, and Salt-spray testing machines, among many others. These protocols and machines allow for strict chemical and physical controls on both raw materials and finished product.

The combination of our advanced production, packing, and testing machines provide you with first-class product quality and on-time shipments.